quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2019

A Picture, a world

Resultado de imagem para deficiente que teve sanfona roubada ganha novo instrumento

I see a man
He is a sad man or his happiness doesn’t exist in this world
I see other men too
They don’t see the sad man
They don’t want to see
They are not interest

The modern world doesn’t have eyes for a sad man
But the sad man doesn’t see people too
He can’t see this world
The world that he sees is another
He is blind
He is playing music from his world
His fingers press the accordion’s key
Is that play the own soul in melody?

It’s a sad song of a sad man
The people be afraid to see their reflect on this man
He is the mirror of humanity
This is a sad world that doesn’t want to listen to this song,
It’s music

Cael Soares

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